1. Spending Easter in the office writing an article about Native for the Watt Space 25th anniversary exhibition. Submissions are open until Friday for any current or past University of Newcastle students that want to submit work to the open show.

  2. Some photos taken by Grizzles on his recent trip to Russia.

  3. @ohmygrizzle sent through some great photos of the zine he bought on the weekend.

  4. Took advantage of an hour long lunch break at work today and mailed out a batch of orders.

  5. The first run of zines is already sold out and then some. Luckily restocking only takes a day. Prints made to order so keep them coming. Also, a big thank you to anyone that’s already bought one.

  6. Copies of Native Issue #2 are up for sale on our bigcartel and at the @nookstore as of today!

  7. Picked up the first copies of Native today, check them out tomorrow at the @nookstore

  8. Finalizing the next issue of Native. Featuring interviews with @ohmygrizzle from @nookstore and @michaellangenegger

  9. Newcastle

  10. Sneak peak at the negatives from an upcoming interview with @ohmygrizzle about the @nookstore